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The Best April Fools’ Prank (That I Shall Ever Do)



Once upon a time, I decided that it was my solemn obligation to prank my friends before we graduated.


So…I made Hogwarts Acceptance letters. A lot of them. Because who isn’t still waiting for their freaking letter to arrive?





My hand hated me so much. Also, cursive G is the worst.


Letters were posted. All was well.

Until this happened…


What the-?





This is literally the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life.


Caution: When Reading in Public

  • 1:

    You forget you're in public.

  • 2:

    You cuss because the characters are pissing you off.

  • 3:

    You cry because the book just broke you.

  • 4:

    You make strange noises--causing those around you to question your sanity.

  • 5:

    You laugh because of how cute (or funny) the book is getting.

  • 6:

    You blush like a fiend when reading something you know others might not find appropriate for a public space--you're such a daredevil.

  • 7:

    You look over your book to sneak a peek at what others are reading.

  • 8:

    You feel amazing because you're reading while everyone else is probably bored.

  • 9:

    You roll your eyes at the person beside you because s/he is so loud. (S/he is probably on the phone.)

  • 10:

    You look up at the people around you when you reach a good part because you know they're not experiencing what you are.

  • 11:

    You smile like a maniac when the main characters FINALLY get together.

  • 12:

    A random person may ask you if you're okay once they notice how strange you're acting.

  • 13:

    You curse the author's name aloud. Loudly.

  • 14:

    You say, "Stupid (insert character name), why would you do that?!"

  • 15:

    You close the book for a moment, breathe in heavily, and refuse to read the book for the next five minutes. All because you're pissed off with the story.

  • Have any more? Feel free to add!

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